How Sleepergize Works

Mar 01 , 2021

Sleepergize Team

How Sleepergize Works

Enhanced tonal patterns and sequenced frequencies (all in the audio spectrum) are played into a sleep-pad which is situated on your mattress.

A frequency is the rate at which an electronic pulse is produced.

Sleepergize frequencies assist:

  • Relaxation so you get to sleep faster
  • Sleep continuity
  • Sleep depth

Sleepergize has been developed to help you achieve more relaxing and restorative sleep as part of a healthier lifestyle. Everyone’s body is different which means that how you respond to the device will also be unique to you. Readjusting poor sleep patterns takes time and while many people notice a difference to their sleep after just a few days, it is more typical for the benefits of Sleepergize to become apparent after the sleep adjusting period of 30 nights use. The key to a successful experience is to be patient, look after yourself, drink plenty of water and let Sleepergize do the rest.