Introducing Sleepergize

Kunasan's founder

Kunasan's founder

Paul Mawson, Kunasan’s CEO and founder has amassed key experience over many years of international research and development in frequency bio-stimulation techniques.

Necessity, the Mother of Invention

"Several years ago while living and working in the USA I returned to the UK to be at my father’s hospital bedside shortly before he sadly passed away and I asked him ‘Dad is there anything I can do for you, to make you more comfortable?'

He simply replied ‘sleep son, I wish I could sleep’. That sentence haunted me and on my return to the USA, I decided to research how many people suffered from sleeping problems, I was astounded at the answer. My father like many, many millions around the world was unable to take any medication to help him sleep and upon discovering this information I embarked upon my quest to find a solution that would help these people achieve the sleep they so desperately sought. I sold my home, cashed in my 401K pension and gave up my high salaried position in Silicon Valley CA to dedicate all my time in finding a non invasive methodology to help the world sleep better, Sleepergize is the result of many years of research, development, hard work, trials and feedback.

I am proud to put my name to this sleep aid wellness product. It remains my firm belief that the technology I have successfully invented and patented will go on to help many millions around the world. I started out on this journey to make a difference and I remain passionately convinced that through Sleepergize the world has the opportunity to improve their deep sleep duration leaving many millions feeling more energised as a result.

I dedicate this product to the memory of my late father….”


Paul Mawson

Founder/Inventor Kunasan Limited


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a new paradigm in health whereby new technologies provide the means for a better quality of life.

What we do

We design, develop and manufacture highly innovative and patented frequency bio-stimulation devices.

Sleepergize, our flagship product, has been developed to help you achieve more relaxing and restorative sleep as part of a healthier lifestyle. The key to a successful Sleepergize experience is to be patient, look after yourself, drink plenty of water and let Sleepergize do the rest.

Sleepergize is a safe, non-invasive, non pill popping simple to use sleep-aid system that improves the continuity and depth of restorative sleep which is needed for your cognitive and physical well-being.

Want to sleep like baby?

Go to sleep faster and for longer, sleep soundly and wake up feeling rested and have more energy throughout the day

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