Case study of a Sleepergize volunteer

56 Years Old (Business Executive)

Subject is a 56 year old business executive. Her lifestyle choices include eating a balanced diet of mainly organic foods, vitamin supplements, regular exercise and yoga. She indicated on her sleep survey that she thought that she slept reasonably well and agreed to try out the Sleepergize sleep technology and have her sleep recorded with an FDA approved home study EEG1 medical device

An average of 6 nights before using Sleepergize:
Sleep 399
Sleep Onset 35
N1 2
N2 235
N3 50
N3% 12%
REM 122
REM% 31%
An average of 30 nights with Sleepergize:
Sleep 438
Sleep Onset 30
N1 1
N2 302
N3 62
N3% 15%
REM 100
REM% 23%
values indicated in minutes

With Sleepergize she is:

Sleeping 10% longer
Getting to sleep faster
Getting 23% more time in N3 deep sleep
Waking up less time in the night
"When asked to partcipate in a sleep study for sleepergize I was intrigued as I couldn’t see how my sleep could be improved that much. I’ve always considered myself lucky in the sleep department, apart from the odd night problem solving business issues I was or so I thought a relatively good sleeper.

I started the trial using only the FDA medically approved device that I was given to wear each evening which is designed to capture brain function while you sleep, my average deep sleep captured during this period was around 50 minutes per night. After 6 nights capturing this data I was then required to start using the sleepergize system in tandem with the FDA sleep data device and what transpired thereafter is in my view a revolution in the field of sleep. 

I have been using the system for almost 2 months and I’m now enjoying nearly 90 minutes deep sleep per night and I have so much more energy throughout the day as a result. I’m also falling asleep faster and enjoying longer periods of sleep. All in all it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made as I’m now sleeping like I was when I was 20!

Sleep is fundamental to our overall well-being and I can hand on heart say if you make one investment in your health and wellness this year invest in sleepergize, if you get the results I have you definitely won’t regret it.”
1Measurements made with Dreem2 EEG
230 nights is the recommended Sleepergize adjustment phase

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