Sleeperzige sleep pad and mattress set up

Best results are achieved when the sleep pad is correctly aligned.

Please follow steps 1 - 9 for correct Sleeperzige sleep pad set up
1 Unfold your Sleepergize sleep pad.
2 Connect the sleep pad lead to the press stud located at the top centre of the pad.
Sleep Pad
Sleep Pad
3 Position it flat onto your mattress, with silver line visible.
4 Move the sleep pad so that the connecter end is over the edge of the mattress.
View from behind bed
View from behind bed
5 Place the pillow back onto your bed, ensuring the silver line on the sleep pad is visible and in line with the bottom centre of your pillow.
Bird Eye View
Birds eye view
6 Remove the pillow and smooth down the sleep pad to ensure it is flat on the mattress bed.
7 Fit the bedsheet over the top of the mattress and sleep pad carefully ensuring you do not disturb the sleep pad’s position.
8 Place the pillow onto the bedsheet ensuring that the bottom centre of the pillow lines up with the sliver line on the sleep pad.
Sleep pad and pillow positions
Sleep pad and pillow positions
9 Your system is ready to switch on.

Operating your Sleepergize

operating sleepergize device for better sleep is just simple

Sleepergize device
1 Ensure the POWER button is OFF.
2 Connect the controller with the power connector to the electrical socket.
Connect power supply
3 Connect the controller with the sleep pad lead to the sleep pad.
Connect Sleep Pad
4 Place the Sleepergize controller to the side of your bed on a flat surface.
5 Press the POWER button to turn ON, light will turn blue.
6 Press the PLAY button, light changes to purple and is ready for use. In the event you awaken during the night and wish to PAUSE the Sleepergize system, press the press the PLAY/PAUSE button once again and the sleep system will pause and the light turns blue.
7 To restart the PAUSED system, press the PLAY button one more time and the light turns purple again.
8 Should the light flash/turn red press the POWER button to turn off and repeat from step 4.(in the unlikely event this continues please refer to ‘contact us’ section of our website
9 On awakening, press the POWER button to turn OFF and the light will also turn OFF (the system automatically resets itself).
controller Underside
Controller Underside

After 60 consecutive nights using the Sleepergize system you may wish to increase the output level from setting 1 to setting 2 .

After a further 90 consecutive nights if you wish you may increase the output level to setting 3.

If at any time you feel discomfort are restless or experience continued excess body heat and/or headaches simply reduce the setting to the previous level until you find the optimum setting that works for you.

The output level switch is located underneath the controller. Disconnect all cables from the controller and ensure you are away from any electrical circuit. Use the tip of a biro or similar shaped object to move the setting to the next level either up/down as per your desired requirement.

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