Listed below are some of our top tips to help you on your journey to experience better quality sleep

Stay hydrated especially before using the system.

Alcohol dehydrates, so limit intake during the adjusting period (30 days).

Regularly check the sleep pad alignment. The sleep pad connector should be positioned to the centre of the pillow on the edge of the top of the mattress (please refer to the diagram in the ‘Mattress set up section’).

Always turn off the system after use and switch on prior to use as this ensures the correct sequence indexing.

Only turn on the system when you are ready to sleep (lights off).

The purple light only turns on when the sleep frequencies are transmitting.
NOTE: the light is only visible if you look directly down on the Sleepergize device.

Sleep tracking devices, such as apps, may not show any sleep improvement especially in the sleep adjusting phase which may require up to 60 nights of system use.

Falling to sleep on your back is ideal but lying on your front or side also works.

Want to sleep like baby?

Go to sleep faster and for longer, sleep soundly and wake up feeling rested and have more energy throughout the day